April 03 2020 Friday at 09:21 AM

The Emperors New Clothes – Deus Biorock

Those avid and loyal readers of the Deus Bali Blog might remember the Deus BioRock we sunk 18 months ago over at Gili Trawangan. It was a little side project we did with The Marine Foundation, Check that post out here http://id.deuscustoms.com/fathom-five-fun-part-two-of-the-deus-bio-rock/. We did another visit last July to look at damage a storm had wrought across our metal frame. Read Sunken Solace here http://id.deuscustoms.com/sunken-solace/. Well after a couple of fumbles we finally got back over to Gili T last weekend and to the bike. We came bearing gifts and bits, enough to right the wrongs. Our posse was three, Celia from The Marine Foundation, Greg; a mate of mine whose birthday it was so was treating himself to an excursion, but geez he turned out to invaluable muscle and myself, Ano. Arriving just before midday on the Friday we settled into the amazing Villa Stephane supplied for us. He’s got Cafe Gili and it’s right out front of his place and 6 metres deep that you will find our BioRock. We rode our bicycles back to the restaurant, ate and talked through what we needed to do that afternoon. Sated, we wandered the short distance up to Gili Diver’s who were kindly loaning us scuba equipment to perform the much needed maintenance. We loaded up, fins in hands and wandered down to the water and in. Approaching the bike we got to see just much it had suffered. The bike was lying over at something of an acute angle to the base frame. It should have been perpendicular. What little was left of the handlebars was lashed to the triple tree with nylon rope. Those original bars were welded one. Think about the pressures needed to rip them off. We circled slowly around the bike a number of times taking stock before heading to the surface. We had a quick pow-wow on what needed to happen, nodded in agreement, and swam the short distance to shore and grabbed our box of bits and bobs for our frame in need. Sufficiently laden we slunk back to the depths. To work underwater we had weighted ourselves up and removed our fins. Fire coral made moving on the metal hard but we persevered. People snorkeled out to watch. A group of girls sun bathed on the Café Gili boat. Their legs the only indicator of their presence. And something of a distraction. First things first. We needed to set the bike plumb again and using a number of modified G clamps we’d bought with us, secure broken plates and rods back to their original position. We tried brackets but the frames inherent movement in the current and when people pulled themselves onto it popped them off. We cut away what little remained of the old handle bars. A new shiny chrome set of handlebars and grips were pulled out and using 4 U clamps we successfully mounted them in the right place. For two hours we worked away 6 metres deep. Marine motorcycle maintenance, who would have thought it… The power to the frame was obviously off. Coral wasn’t growing and algae were forming rather than the calcium we needed. The problem was traced back to a faulty transformer. A new one was installed and soon it was happily bubbling away. We scraped some sections to promote new growth. Would really have loved to put coral on it but we ran out of time. If your going to the Gili Islands you gotta make sure you dive or snorkel, it’s not that deep, down to the Deus BioRock. It’s the only motorbike on the island, even if it is six metres deep… Thanks to Celia, Greg and Ano for donating their time to this very worthwhile project.