April 03 2020 Friday at 09:21 AM

The Festival Of Thump No.2

Well its official, The House of Simple Pleasures events are back and thumping! Saturday the 27th of April was The Festival of Thump No.2. Every man and his single cylinder rocked up to the Camperdown Headquarters to hang out and ogle at his fellow thumpers machine. The Car park was cleared once again to make way for the likes of Tommy J on behalf of Uppercut to trim some hair, the Sydney Cafe Racers were recruiting new members and of course our own 2nd hand parts den was open to anyone in desperate need of a new lever or tyre. Over the course of the day more than 200 bikes lapped up and down Barr St including the weird and wonderful, a Moto Guzzi powered carbon fibre roadster, a Triumph on air suspension powered by a super charger, not to mention the endless supply of single cylinder Yamahas, Hondas, Kawasakis, the list goes on. For those brave enough The 4 arm 2 hand wheel change was held to test competitors dignity and egos and, to top it all off The Deus Cafe Staff Provided the hungry with pork rolls straight off the spit as well as homemade lemonade.