April 03 2020 Friday at 02:20 PM

The Making of Extremity - BTS 35mm by Nevin Pontious

It was a busy day on Soggy lake. A Russian arm film crew, a behind the scenes film crew, a stills crew, a styling crew, a drone crew, a stunt dog crew – all out in the desert to capture the magic manifested in 'Extremity' — A big, happy, motley crew! 

Somewhere in that plethora of humans was long time friend and style legend, Nevin Pontious. Those familiar with the Deus family will know his name, for those who don't, that's a story for another time. 

Good ol’ Nev is a natural at wearing many hats (including a particularly natty Pith helmet) – Tent setter-upper, Dunkin’ Donut getter and larrikin to name a few.  When not attending to his duties, you could bet ya bottom dollar that he had one of his many cameras pressed firm against his moustache — Capturing the day on 35mm film straight from the Pontious family fridge. 

Yes! Glorious, glorious film. The perfect format to capture a movie filmed on several $100k Red cameras suspended by a Porsche camera car. 

The end product of Nev's endless curiosity and itchy trigger finger that day is a unique, yet personal documentation of the day the circus came to Soggy Lake to film one of our most ambitious projects to date. 

'The Making of Extremity' Book - Coming Soon.