April 03 2020 Friday at 07:21 AM

The McCallum Collection

It’s been almost two months since Jeff McCallum and his entourage made themselves at home at the Deus Temple, but they have been far from forgotten. Jeff, Alex, and Josh took over the shaping bay and made it their own, planing, sanding, glassing, churning out sick boards faster than we’ve seen before, and probably ever will.

They moved so fast now it seems like a blur, and even though they weren’t here at the Temple for long, they sure made every moment count. Jeff and his crew managed to bless us with nine hand-shaped masterpieces before they had to go, and big thanks go out to them for doing such an awesome job.

As much as we would have liked to keep them all to ourselves, one thing we’re not is selfish, so we sent a few out to our brothers over the water. Three of the boards are now in California, one of them is in Japan, and the rest… well they are sitting pretty right here at the Temple.