April 03 2020 Friday at 11:41 AM

The One Trip

We left Los Angeles and headed north on the Pacific Coast Highway. Something about that drive makes you want to never come back. Anticipation filled our small car, none of us had never been to Portland, none of us have ever been to The One Motorcycle Show. We traveled through San Francisco, skated those streets, cruised through the rest of California, waved goodbye and entered Oregon. The green valleys guided us all the way to Portland city. From skate spots, to the culture infesting every street corner, we knew we were in the right place. This year's One Show was hidden in an industrial cove near Burnside, an old factory warehouse holding some of the most beautifully crafted bikes amongst huge machinery and some pretty great people. As we walked in, the space opened up just perfectly, and the party was waiting. The sounds of mini bike races, friends high5'n each other, and rock n roll carried on through out the night. The whole space outside was filled with on-comers and their custom bikes. Strangers don't stay strangers very long in a place like this. The bike stories, where they found it, brought back from a forgotten existence and turned into something of pride and distinction. The obstacles that were overcome to turn it into 'The One'. Their faces light up when they share the experience and our faces where alit as well as we took it all in and shared it with them. -Daniella Soltero Photos by Jonayd Cherifi