April 03 2020 Friday at 08:21 AM


The Festival of Thump we hosted back in March was devoted to the four stroke, single piston engine and its adherents, and the thumper community showed up in throngs, all sporting engines similar in form but very different in execution. Given all the folks who had gathered in sameness of purpose it was extremely hard to categorize anyone in the crowd as being very much alike. If there was one thing these people shared in common, it was that they were having an absolute blast being around motorbikes. The Parallel Universe Motorcycle Festival last weekend was a show dedicated to motorcycles exhibiting identically arranged two-cylinder engines. And again the incredibly diverse range of bikes that showed up and the distinctly unique, smiley-faced individuals who owned them hammered home the idea that for Deus Ex Machina, motorcycling isn’t about your cylindrical arrangement, the height of your handlebars, or your horsepower at the rear wheel, it’s about the pure, limitless joy that comes from riding your very own two-wheeled wonder machine and sharing that benzine fueled bliss with everyone on the road.* *DISCLAIMER: Cylindrical arrangements, handlebar heights, and horsepower numbers are totally f*#%ing rad and contribute immensely to the enjoyment of motorcycles. We’re just making a point here.