April 03 2020 Friday at 11:21 AM

The R nine T Build Diaries: Entry 1

The R nineT burst onto the scene in late 2013, appealing instantly to a wide range of motorcyclists and those who appreciate BMWs forward thinking approach to developing a quality product. As a bike it bridges the romance of tradition with modern usability and is a refreshing new platform for custom builders. You will no doubt have witnessed the fleet of amazing custom R nineT builds roll out over the last 12 months from every quality builder in the world starting with Mr Sands impressive Concept 90 edition last year. Now it's our turn to partner up with BMW Motorrad and put a Deus Ex Machina twist on this modern classic. The bike arrived from BMW HQ with a plate so we got to test it for a few weeks before stripping it down. It is an accomplished bike straight out of the box with plenty of mumbo from that big air-cooled 1200 boxer to match its style. Play time was over soon enough, the drafting pencils were sharpened and a plan pinned to the wall...the Deus R nineT was underway. The first step is always taking the bike back to its bones, its during this phase we discover how well screwed together the bike is when it leaves the factory. It seems like every part was designed to compliment another - all those R&D Deutschmarks show in the quality of the tooling. Transforming this very considered bike into something individual will be an worthy challenge. Once all the plastic addendum and protective armour are removed we can gaze upon what is now effectively a blank canvas, the possibilities seem endless and the R nineT is officially ready for its Deus makeover. Our blog will be regularly updated with progress shots and detailed info of the build every two weeks, stay tuned. Read The R nine-T Build Diaries: Entry 2 here.