April 03 2020 Friday at 08:40 AM

Tremors and Bali Fixie Comm pay Deus a Visit

A lot of bicycle related happenings have been going down in the past few days, from the Deus crew taking a ride with the 'Bali Fixie Comm', to the 'Tremors Bicycle Club' from Jakarta paying us a visit.Despite what people say, it is pretty evident that the fixed gear bicycle scene is alive and kicking both in Bali and all around Indonesia. People from all walks of life have come together to form groups and pursue a passion for cycling, from young kids building their bikes from scratch, to seasoned cyclists keeping in the game. (More after the jump.) The 'Tremors' bicycle club were in Bali last weekend and had an idea to Pub Crawl Fixie stlye, which involved riding around Kuta, hitting up different establishments for some 'refreshments' and then moving to the next. After the nights shenanigans we somehow managed to all meet up the next day and take a rather long scenic route to various places, ending the day by cruising on down to Deus for some dinner and a movie. "Fast Friday" was thrown up on the wall and everyone kicked back in the showroom to chill-out ofter a busy day of peddling (76km to be exact!)Great people, with great enthusiasm…Here's to Sunsets, Beers and Bicycles! yew! Oh by the way, we have come up with a new rule here at Deus….Arrive on a bicycle or custom motorcycle and coffee is on us!