April 03 2020 Friday at 08:03 AM

Trippin' for Tracking

With the swell being pretty non existent in Bali, eyes turn to the internet, scouring its charts and readings looking for the nearest surge that with it brings the hope of waves. Just as I finished my morning coffee, I received a frantic call from Jimmy James saying that Tai "Buddah' Grahm had called Salsa, who turn called him and had booked us a flight to continue filming for 'Tracking'…We had just over an hour to pack up our stuff and hit the airport to hop over to an island not far too far from our idyllic shores. Not long after a hurried pack and a rushed drive to the airport…we were in the air and gazing at tiny islands that littered surrounding waters from our window seats. We touched down, jumped into the nearest thing with four wheels and headed for a distant coast. Nearly 3 hours of mountain roads and near death accidents later, we could smell the ocean. The boys were on it as soon as we hit the beach. Boards off the car racks, boardies on and straight out into the water. We had arrived a day before the predicted swell peak, but the waves were still much better than home and a pinchy yet fun left was the locale of the afternoon. Salsa was out until the sun was almost extinguished, just happy to be on a wave bigger than 3ft. after the darkness was upon us, we cruised inside and treated ourselves to a Bintang, reviewing footage and hoping that the tales of tomorrows bigger swell were true.