April 03 2020 Friday at 10:03 AM

Trippin with the boys

A recent spur of the moment trip idea saw us spring a couple of steel steeds and set off into the night to make the midnight ferry run to Lombok. Atop the bikes were Ellis and Andy, both sporting single fin shapes that Ellis had whipped up earlier in the Deus Customs bay.
Following suit in the car was 'Gorgeous George' Henderson and his brother Harry, accompanied by Jimmy 'Kucing Besar' Kinnard behind the wheel. After a sway filled night on the sea voyage and a bit of trail blazing into the wilderness, our traveling band hit the shore.
72 hours on the beach with beers, bro's and entertainment by Andy weighs easy on the soul…Back to basics. Here is a little selection of the trip, there is a plethora more of photos but after some 'technical difficulties' with a resistant hard drive, I am not sure if they exist anymore. Don't worry, the matter is being addressed and we are feeling hopeful…So keep your eye on this space! Great few days with a great group of guys…Cant wait to hit the road in the near future.