April 03 2020 Friday at 06:40 AM

Tyler Warren and The Poster Show

25 year old Tyler Warren has been hanging out around the Temple the past few days. Shaping boards, spending time with the 'Smokin Skull,' all in anticipation for his art show on June 19th, which happen to coincide with the Deus Longboard Festival "9ft & Single" in which he will be participating.
Tyler is an inspired and well traveled designer, painter, shaper and surfer. He works with a variety of mediums and methods on his path to creation. The exhibit that will grace the Deus Gallery's walls, entitled 'Poster Show' is a selection of silk screen prints from the last 5 years.
Here is a selection of works by Tyler and a few of him keeping busy at the Temple...A little taste of what to expect. If you haven't got anything planned for Sunday the 19th, pencil in a day of longboard festivities at the beach followed by an art opening with live music from Özlem & Andy and the Barmuda Tryangles.