April 03 2020 Friday at 07:40 AM

Underneath the Colours

The Deus Gallery walls were running off at the mouth last Friday night. The hidden meaning and metaphor, that our mate and comrade, Clayton Barr, slides in under the riot of colour and radical imagery he produces, spoke volumes in just as many languages.

His wide appeal and long standing in the community here was given more than just a gentle nod when people turned up from every corner of our island home. They had come form far and wide. Pitched traffic battles and navigated gridlock Bali traffic to come down to our corner of Canggu to pay their respects.

The Duke opened the proceedings, with kind words yelled across the top of his proffered Bintang. Held in one hand slightly aloft, reminiscent of a missing microphone. He gently prodded and prompted a warm and welcoming speech by Clayton himself who minced no words thanking those about and prompting more beer to be drunk. Most took him up on the offer.

With the beers freely flowing, conversation was never far behind. Chatter around and about the different colour pallets hung on our wall. If you were one of the fortunate to be with us at the Deus Gallery on Friday night and even more fortunate to grabbed one of these spectacular pieces of art, here’s a little reminder of how the night played out. For those who didn’t or couldn’t make it, might we share with you a little of what we got up to last Friday night.