April 03 2020 Friday at 08:21 AM

Velocita Freedom Riders

Hey everybody, Red Herring here...after a quick Christmas sabbatical I'm back at the helm and ready to bring you some more of the words and pictures that I know you have come to love. This morning, with no waves in sight, the Deus Groms (8 to 14 year old's) grabbed their bicycles, threw them in the truck and we headed inland to our island's capital. A Sunday morning ride around the closed streets of Denpasar was a nice little remedy to combat the lingering effects of last night not to mention the wind and damp the wet season brings. The boys mounted up and hit the tarmac, quickly finding the Bali Fix Comm crew, they proceeded to get loose and make the best of the soaked roads. We rode around for a few hours, skidding 78% of the way...Shot some photos, shot some video and when the cops opened the roads back up at 10am., we packed it all up and headed to the Temple for a late breaky. After inhaling a plate of pouched eggs and bacon rashes, the boys & I headed up to the office to slice a little video together of their morning activities. Really fun morning, well done guys!....Now I'm just gonna head home and sneak a quick nap before I come back for the live music tonight. Yewww!