April 03 2020 Friday at 10:02 AM

Walking With Dinosaurs

It’s been well over a year since the last time we had the Last Dinosaurs in town. Might have been even longer if fate hadn’t of stepped in, The boys were half way through their tour around south east asia when a typhoon smashed Manila and with a concert there cancelled a weeks down time opened up. They jumped on the blower to see if we were about in Bali. We’re always super stoked to have them here so when we gave the affirmative they came on in.

The boys are definitely cast from the enthusiasm mold and not the least bit shy about trying new things. First day wasn’t even over and they’d already borrowed bikes and boards. They pretty much went surfing every day they were here. A bit of gentle coaxing over a salad and fries one lunchtime and we ended getting them to go for a burn along happy beach later that same arvo. You’d think that when you play music every day you wouldn’t worry about doing it when you get a little of the free stuff. Not the Last Dinosaurs. Right slap bang in the middle of the high jinx they were jamming and even penning a couple of new songs for a new album there gonna push out in 2014.

They decided it’d be a whole lot of fun to put on a one night only special gig at the Temple. Work for them normally but they were stoked to be able to lay a night down in Bali. So they did! Wet season sees us use the inside of the retail space as a mini concert hall. We rip racks out and drag all to the side to give way for band space and dance hall. You wouldn’t have noticed it was a Tuesday night either. We had wall to wall people felt more like a Sunday night Session.

Thursday morning they packed up their guitar cases and once again hit the road. We are always sorry to see them leave but we know they will be back. Next stop is to Manila, the cancelled Philippine gig is back on albeit a later date. They are even donating their dough from the night to charity to help out. Nice one guys. So here are a few snaps we took of them mucking about and getting totally enthusiast about being in Bali. Til next time.