April 03 2020 Friday at 06:03 AM

Welcome to the family

Wasting no time, it’s straight to Motion skate park as soon as he touched down, and judging by the reception he gets he’s been away too long.
But skating isn’t the first thing on his mind, catching up with the local crew way more important. After the chats and pats on the back, it’s time to get down to business, if you can even call it that. The session begins, and as always, Reno never fails to impress.

The park is busy with other skaters, and Reno slides out starting off slow and laidback, warming up with a few kick flips and fakie 180’s here and there. His skills aren’t missed by the other skaters and the more he heats up the more they quieten down and begin to watch, soon enough it’s just Reno and his Balinese hombre launching off the ramps. He throws it down with a giant 360 flip, and lands it spot on… with his legs crossed. Our hoots echo in the empty park, and he just slides across the smooth wooden floor, deciding what trick to pull out of his bag next. His confidence and finesse shine through as he busts out some huge Indy grabs on the quarter pipe before hanging his board up for the day.

With brand ambassadors in surfing and motorbikes it made good sense to see if this road rider was interested in joining our family. What really made it a neat fit for us, other than his laid back attitude and amazing skating prowess was his musical attributes. We do like em’ 3 dimensional. Front man of a Jakarta based band that’s been creating a unique blend of soul-infused blues for the last five years, Renprats and Soul Brothers. They put on a gig last Sunday down at the Temple pulling in a mixed crowd of young and old, the acoustic bluesy melodies reminiscent in style of his understated skating.

A street skater at heart, Bali doesn’t offer the places he enjoys in Jakarta. As any skater that has come to Bali will know, a set of steps with a handrail begging to grind isn’t so easy to come by. We looked high and low for something decent to skate. Any place worth hitting guaranteed to have some rent-a-cops watching over it, so we went to a couple of places off the beaten track, one of them, a concrete mini-ramp squeezed into a room, was where we ended up.

Hanging out with Reno was like kicking back with an old friend, and we’re stoked he’s decided to join the family. Don’t leave it too long before you come back bro, you’re always welcome at the Temple.