April 03 2020 Friday at 09:40 AM

Wing Pin and Sea Gypsies....

If you follow our daily uploads on Instagram, then you probably will have noticed that Deus Ambassadors Joel and Crystal Fitzgerald are back with us here on the Island of the Gods. Both Joel and his wife Crystal got into town a couple of weeks ago and have been passing the time by hanging out at the Temple, surfing and shaping up a new line of boards.

The original plan was to shape a quiver of 20 boards for all the Deus locations around the world…but after some custom orders from Japan came through…it has ended up as just over 30 boards.

From a 5'4 Wing Pin Single for our young local Deus team rider Riman…a range of sea gypsies in different sizes…all the way to a 7'3 Wing Pin Single, Joel has definitely been putting in some serious time inside the bay. Even though he is on a shaping mission, when the waves are good, you'll find Joel in the water. Scoring a mid week session at Ulu's and even jumping on a bike and joining Harrison on a wave quest in central Java for the first trip of the Seven Signs project.

This new line of boards shaped here at the Temple of Enthusiasm all feature fabric inlays, with matching fabric in the hand foiled fins, A Volan patch on the deck and 4oz fiberglass over the tails.

The Bali batch of boards has just been finished up, so swing on by and have a feel and a gander…your only real discussion is what fabric pattern tickles your fancy.