April 03 2020 Friday at 02:00 PM

Z900RS Build Two – Entry Two

The fiberglass pieces were on and mocked up but we were just getting started. My note pad was running out of pages but step-by-step I managed to finish the muffler and sent it to get black ceramic coated. Before I started working on the aluminum components on the Jim Goose fairing I had to get the fiberglass adjusted. Greg of Sydney Composites was the guy for that. Anything that has to do with fiberglass or carbon fiber, he is my man. After a couple of days the front piece was modified and strengthened. I ordered all the stainless fastenings, and aircraft rivets I was going to do need. After picking up all the aluminium needed from Edcon Steel I headed over to my home away from home, Motor Retro. Their tools, and more importantly, skills, are invaluable and was much needed for this build. While I was getting some help from Vaughn at Motor Retro who was shaping the screen, I worked on a few bits needed down on the skirt. I had to draw templates firstly then transpose them into aluminium and mold them to fit. The seat was next. I made up a piece around the tail light, another above the seat cowl and one in between the seat and the cowl… Most of those perforated shaped parts needed some alloy trim to get a nice and neat finish, so we cut little strips and bent them to fit around the edges to finish the product. J.