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Atramental Two Five

Honda’s CRF250R is a great motocross bike, that seems to get better with each iteration. More and more you see people gravitating to them all over the world.

Here in Indonesia, they are kind of ideal in that they cover on-road and off-road in a perfect partnership making them a great versatile machine so much so that one of our mates, Rui, bought one. Problem though was his enthusiasm waned for it after just a few months citing the look of it.

As with most other off the shelf bikes that are built for punishment, they come wrapped in plastic. Pieces in the colour of garish that can get swapped in and out according to their state of disrepair. Which is all good for a moto x bike but for Rui’s daily rider he wanted something that expressed his personality and then some

We approached the problem in the only way we know how. Ground up. Bin all the plastic bits and using nothing more than sheet and billet ally, bash out a whole new look and feel.

The Bengkel Boys, our maestros of metal and all things mechanical are three; There is the one named Arwin he’s chief and for all intent and purpose, it’s his shop. His two I.C. is Sinar ‘Kukuh’ Bropingga who is young of body and sage like with the mechanical & then there is Purwohadi Suseno, our metal whisperer. He can caress ally and steel with the best of them sweet-talking shapes out that defies most people’s imagination. It is these three gents that pull miracles out of a hat.

Things started with a chat about stance and as we all know, one needs a new subframe and seat to really address that. Next came the cutting and detabbing, useless points of purchase were quite literally, nipped in the bud. While Arwin tacked on steel tubing to coax out a new line, Pur began to get loud with sheet ally for a new tank and Kukuh bent to the systems that were going to go and stay.

The client actually wanted a few things we had to take into account. Renthal tracker style bars were a no brainer. But the Acerbis retro look fenders needed to be woven into all the newly fabricated bits. Speaking of new bits there were plenty of those; new ally fuel tank with custom acid etched logo cap, new ally side covers, ally exhaust cover plates and the super crazy fitting radiator guards with breather hoses and etched cap. Got to say, the guys came up with some next level solutions.

The CRF 250 Rally comes with a tall thin radiator that is fitted to one side, which wouldn’t do for our build. In fact, we opted to increase the coolant size to cope better with the tropical weather, so we swapped the portrait model for a landscape one. After twisting the big new radiator into the front end of the frame they suddenly realised the cap was stuck out in full display. Nothing to do but get super crafty and etched a Deus logo into the top, in fact, while they were doing it, they did one on the top of the fuel tank cap as well. Devils in the details and these three are no slouches.

Funny that with a bike so black, light was high on Rui’s priority list and so we sourced a super bright LED to combat the lack of village illumination he faced daily in the streets to and around his home. Keeping the original electronic dials was super easy. Once you lose the plastics the gauge is in fact a super neat piece of kit.

Once the cycle of invention had run its course then they broke it down to its components and sent things off to the paint shop. We considered a rainbow of colours before the minimal pallet you see was chosen. Black like ink… atramental. Finished in two of its varieties, gloss, and matt,  with splashes of silver and gold. Understated and austere.

The Atramental Two Five may not be a bike build to everyone’s liking, but as is often the case with a custom, it only needs to be good to go for one.

Photos by Didit Prasetyo Adi Wibowo

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