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Kawasaki w800 known as “Wbarrel”

Crazy Garage
Founded by Chihyun Kim in 2007 and based in Busan, Crazy Garage specialises in custom motorcycle builds. They strive to customise and optimise motorcycles for race circuits and winding roads while delivering outstanding performance and enjoyment.
Depending on the customers’ request, they work on different types of motorcycles such as choppers, scramblers. Drawing inspiration from the 70s – 80s era of motorcycles, their builds are retro on the outside and well-equipped with brand new machinery in the inside.
Their custom builds have participated in various domestic, amateur moto championships and even won several titles. These days, they plan and hold circuit events in collaboration with moto enthusiasts to try bridge a cultural gap.
Our Seoul brothers in Korea are in cahoots with Crazy Garage and took it upon themselves to give this Kawasaki W800 chariot a complete overhaul and conversion.
Purring and ready for the flat track, the front end of this W800 sports an aluminium front plate with a halogen lamp, SHOWA fully adjustable forks, Ducati clamps, and is tied together with race-inspired handle controls.
The airbox was gutted and replaced with two velocity stacks, coupled with an essential 2-2 exhaust system for optimal airflow, both in and out.
Both wheels were converted to 19” for a more conventional flat track size and lovingly powder-coated in premium black to withstand the dirt & flying debris, and then fitted with shiny new Dunlop K180 tyres.
The rear shocks were replaced by a pair of OHLINS to ensure a comfy and energetic ride. A BREMBO radial master cylinder with an oversized rotor was then fitted for that helping hand in extra stopping power.
An NHK steering damper was installed for better control in the rough. No one wants wobbles or tank slappers when they’re sliding left.
Fuel injection is a true astonishment of the modern age, so of course, a Power Commander V piggy backed to the ECU, making sure to always mix a perfect fuel cocktail.
With all the comfort and performance resolved, Jackpot custom painting swooped in for a facelift and recolour for the newly appropriated flat tracker.
Builder: Crazy Garage (@crazy_garage_)
Painter: Jackpot Custom (@jp_custom)
Photography: Motorbike Magazine Korea (
Rider: Yeonsu Yoon

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