August 26 2020 Wednesday at 12:54 AM

Young Jerks MT07

When Yamaha Australia contacted Jeremy, our resident head wrench, they asked if he would be interested in building a custom MT07, and never being one to shy away from a challenge Jeremy happily obliged. However, being the over achiever he is, Jeremy took this brief one step further and instead designed a DIY bolt-on fiberglass kit that can be fitted by even the most amateur bike builder.

First step was to see if Jeremy’s vision was even possible, so Jeremy and his team started by contacting a French friend, Simon Dabadie from Dab Design and after a bouncing a few ideas off each other Simon set to work making up a CAD for this project. Simon was able to put onto paper, or rather a screen, exactly what Jeremy had in mind.

Next the bike was off to Greg Kerba from Sydney Composite to create the mould for the fiberglass body. First Greg 3D scanned the stripped down MT-07 so the bike could be used in CAD. Next we took our first 2D CAD drawn from Simon and put them on top of the 3D CAD, and of course nothing lined up. Andrew Simpson and his boys from Vert Design adjusted the 2 CADS into 1 workable design from which we could mill out our timber mould for the prototype.

Greg made the first Fiberglass piece which was then placed on the bike. There were still a few adjustments to be made to the body, but we were close.

Now with the monocoque finished Mario from Ricci Engineering machined 5 different billet Aluminium brackets so the kit could be mounted nicely on the Yamaha MT-07.

Now that the basic silhouette of the bikes had taken shape, it was now time to design the rest of the motorcycle around the kit. First Jez fabricated a LED tail light and blinker combination using 6 Atto lights from Kellerman surrounding the rego plate like a film star’s mirror, while BL2000 bar end indicators illuminate the front end. A high mounted Steel fender hanging off another bracket from Mario and a square Tracker headlight from Dab Design finish off the front end perfectly. The original clocks were relocated onto the new raisers which accommodate a lower Renthal fat bar. 2 Pirelli Scorpion rally cross tyres were also chosen to keep with the MT07 Street Tracker theme.

The airbox was removed, Replaced with 2 shiny K&N Filters from Carlisle Tyre & Accessories also came on board with a 2 into 1 black ceramic coated system, to make the most of all the extra air moving through the motor a Power Commander V was fitted and our dyno guru Harley Borkowski owner of RB Racing spent the time persuading the last few ponies out of the engine.

Our design team up in the head office lead by Carby Tuckwell and Stevie James decided to keep the design reflective of our brand and Deus apparel, so they worked in collaboration with the Young Jerks from New York to draw up these amazing original designs for the bike.

There’s only one logical choice of painter to bring this vision to life, so of course Jeremy got Dutchy from Dutchy’s Motorcycle Spray Painting to spray this piece of art in a beautiful blue and off white phantom satin finish. The final touch was the Carbon fiber seat pan trimmed by David Britton from Bad Arse Trim Co with White leather.

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