Redwhite X Deus Ski + Bindings

€1,280.00 EUR


A high quality and Swiss made Carving ski, manufactured entirely by hand, one by one, “sandwich-assembled” by two people.

The core of the skis, entirely made of ash wood, guarantee an excellent flex, minimize the twist/torsion in order to unable a fast and relaxing conduct. Moreover, they give an aesthetic touch. The size is 162 cm, with a beam of 12. Since they are 7 centimetres wide under the boot, they allow radical bends above soft snow.

The metal rails are sharpened to 88 degrees. It is not too much, so that you can sideslip/rotate with no risk, but with the possibility of becoming more aggressive. It is no coincidence the choice of using a pair of ski in two different colours: it simplifies the communication during lessons, makes skis more recognisable so that the risk of being stolen decreases, catches the attention of the person queuing close to you for the chair-lift and this could also become a good excuse to chat on the slopes. But not only: over a question of style (with an unconventional foot print), the colour difference guides us towards the most natural and safety position through an optical-physical process. Each foot has its favourite colour, you don’t ski with two left feet, or vice versa, do you? The dominant leg has the lightest colour, the other the darkest one, in order to get an excellent balance, and stimulate a wide, rational and modern way of skiing. The neutral and simple aesthetic, with a monochrome surface, enhances the soul of the item and not just its appearance.

From the collaboration between Mark Nussbaum of the Redwhite Ski and Deus a “special ski” starts. High quality and strong nature are the key words of this innovative way of skiing, which is genetically linked to the creators’ characters.

As Marco says: "Discover the joy of the instinctive skiing!".

Bindings are HEAD (Freeflex Pro Racing).

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