Ornamental Conifer X Deus Ex Machina

Ocd Moto 3 Tee

€34.00 EUR was €69.00 EUR


Within the artwork* of ORNAMENTAL CONIFER there exists a multitude of creative impulses which are expressed through his plethora of skills.

As a cursive and printscript artist, Nico's steady-handed brushstrokes are razor sharp, honed through thousands of hours putting paint to canvas, helmet, leather jacket and motorcycle. As a graphic artist, his playful use of colour creates eye-popping imagery. And as a writer, his use of language reflects wit, a lyrical rhythm and an erudite sense of humour. All these elements come together in this special collaboration with Deus Ex Machina.

 This regular fit long-sleeve t-shirt features waterbased print panels with 170Gm 100% cotton mesh jersey fabrication and a heavy enzyme wash.

* DISCLAIMER - Never perfect, but always awesome!

 Sizing (cms):

Chest Width
51.5 54 56.5 59 61.5 64
Body Length
71 72 73 74 75 76
X Shoulder Width
45.1 46.3 47.5 48.7 49.9 51.1
Sleeve Length
62 63 64 65 66 67

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