TV Baby - Half a Chance / Come Back

€15.00 EUR


This year, TV Baby will release an exclusive and limited vinyl  7” through Deus Ex Machina’s first imprint and endeavour into music, Deus Records. Gabriel Andruzzi, multi-instrumentalist for pioneering post-punk revivalists The Rapture and a friend of Matt and Brian’s since their early, musically formative years in Washington DC, joins as producer, marking the trio’s first collaboration in over a decade. TV Baby’s vinyl-only debut demonstrates the band’s ability to marry a melange of musical styles, such as electro, punk, rockabilly and new wave. It also confirm Deus’ multi-disciplinary approach to producing objects of a highest consideration and quality - be it motorcycle, leather jacket or sound, the same intentness is observed with this release.

This first release through Deus Records serves to solidify their new sound. With throbbing synths, sweeping guitar, and lyrics both poetic and streetwise, TV Baby have created a sound that captures both the angst and optimism of their time.

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